As you can see, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best companies around. From Wells Fargo, a Fortune 500 company, to small ‘Mom & Pop’ shops, experience is what sets me apart in this industry. In short, I’m hired to conduct contract work for companies.

So why hire a ‘contractor’?  Glad you asked. There are many reasons actually.

  1. Experience – Having worked with Wells Fargo as an SEO Strategist I have garnered a great deal of understanding how the smallest changes in campaigns can affect rankings. On the other hand, working with smaller companies allows me to make changes at a faster pace and see quicker search results. Both experiences are equally important to have and have a powerful influence on how marketing campaigns are setup.
  2. Education – Lets don’t kid ourselves. You want results. You’re going to get results faster with a seasoned professional. Period.
  3. Financially Beneficial – Hiring full time means a wide array of cost to your company. I prefer contracts where you’re saving on office space, health insurance, and many more overhead expenses related to employees. Allocating more funds to a pay per click campaign for example, by hiring a contractor, can easily mean an additional $100k+ in revenue.

Keith Schilling

Keith is our Digital Marketing Consultant. He is responsible for the execution of marketing strategies and implementation for clients. When he’s not working, Keith enjoys spending time with family and playing basketball.

Nicole Harms

Nicole is our copywriter and has provided us with the utmost highest quality of content for readers. With the recent Google updates, she’s busy writing content for clients that attracts visitors to their sites as well as engage them to take an action.