As the mobile advertising market continues to rise through the constant increase of mobile devices, there is inevitably going to be a hiccup along the way. One of those hiccups today has to deal with organic keyphrases showing up from mobile devices, in particular, those that use the new Apple iOS operating system, iOS6.

Unfortunately for the marketing professionals tracking analytics, you’ll notice you’re no longer able to see the referrers coming in from iOS6 devices.

Apple sends queries through Googles secure server now, which helps with privacy concerns according to Google.

The web browser on iOS 6 switched to use SSL by default and our web servers don’t yet take that fact into account. Searching still works fine, but in some situations the HTTP referer header isn’t passed on to the destination page. We’re investigating different options to address this issue.

To put the icing on the cake, that data that is so valuable is still available ONLY if you’re using pay per click advertising. You’ll see that data show up as expected within your Google Analytics account. Without having a grasp on specific keyphrases used in Google, it makes marketing that much harder.