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    The Ultimate List of (Not Provided) Resource Links for SEO Professionals

24 09, 2013

The Ultimate List of (Not Provided) Resource Links for SEO Professionals

Today marked an important day in SEO. It is the day Google turned off the lights on keyword data. Ok, we all saw this coming a few years ago and speculation abounded as to why. Google claims it was all in the name of privacy while conspiracy theorist state its all about the bottom dollar (converting more customers to pay into Adwords).

I don’t care what your position is about the change. The question I have is will you change? Well you don’t really have a choice anymore do you? […]

30 08, 2013

New Google Analytics ‘Collaborate’ Permission Addition

Google Analytics has just announced a new feature in the arena of ‘User Permissions’ within your Google account.

As noted by the GA team: “the new Collaborate permission that lets users not only create but also edit shared assets like dashboards and annotations.”

Below is a snapshot that you’ll see in your own account as of today:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 1.51.47 PM

27 08, 2013

Is Content Good for SEO?

Here’s a nice infographic for the week. There are some pretty good stats in here alot of us ‘seo folks’ agree with.

Brafton's Infographic: Why Content for SEO?

26 08, 2013

Increase Revenue by Optimizing Your Site

Here’s another transcript and video from one of our SEMCLT events. In this particular video, Travis Zboch from Fast Growing Trees, shows us how optimization can increase conversions.


Keith Schilling: Thanks everyone let’s get started. Quick story about Travis — I moved here in 2006 and our lot was wiped clean because of a new home and neighborhood. So I googled Fast growing trees. I didn’t even bother to see who owned it or managed it and sure enough I learned it was […]

22 08, 2013

Does Social Sites Effect Organic Search Results?

Below is one of the transcripts and videos from our local SEMCLT event. David Zimmerman from Ephricon, which has now merged with Straight North, was the speaker for the event.

Does Social Effect Search? – Sept. 2011

Keith Schilling: This month SEMCLT is fortunate to have David Zimmerman of Ephricon speak regarding search and social media.

David Zimmerman: SEO Campaign Manager at Ephricon Web Marketing.

(Has slides.) Tonight we’re going to talk about does social impact search? And what can we know about social […]

21 08, 2013

How to Conduct Keyword Research

Here’s an old video from our SEMCLT meetup events last year.  It features Les Porter, then at the time with Flying Bridge Technologies and Proyo, discussing keyword research and building out a ecommerce site based off of that.

Enjoy (First 5 minutes have been transcribed below the video)

13 08, 2013

Weekly Roundup of SEO Tips and News for August 9th

This weeks roundup of SEO Tips and News for the week ending August 9th:

Matt Cutts dropped up a quick video on ccTLD’s. In short, steer away from the ‘novelty domain’ and make sure its geared toward that particular country.

Google also released seven new videos on manual spam. Now when you’re logged into Google you’ll see a link on the left titled ‘Manual Actions’. This is a personal review of your site rather than an algorithmic change you might see.

Want to improve visitor engagement for […]

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    What Every Business Owner Can Learn from Social Media Marketing

8 08, 2013

What Every Business Owner Can Learn from Social Media Marketing

There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not asked about how social media can help a business drive traffic to their store, be it a brick and mortar or online. The crazy media buzz has finally died down a bit over the past year but the funny thing is, nothing has really changed about social media for small business owners.

I’m going to give a list of items that every small business owner needs to really think about when it comes to implementing a social media marketing campaign.
1. […]

7 08, 2013

Ranking Factors for Local Businesses

Moz has released a new ‘guesstimate’ on the factors that help local businesses rank well in Google. Each year MOZ polls several of the local experts in the industry to gather feedback on what they are seeing in terms of local ranking factors.

Many have not changed over the past year or two and some of the key factors that will help you rank are:
1. Proper Category Association
2. Your local address
3. Consistency of citations
4. Linking factors
and many more. For the full list you can hit their website for […]

31 07, 2013

Search Exchange 2013

photo_1Search Exchange has come to a close. This year we had the privilege of having another lineup of excellent speakers. Jim Boykin from Internet Marketing Ninjas, Marty Weintraub from AIMClear, Payton Dobbs from Google. It was absolutely fantastic.

If you missed the event and are interested in watching the conference online, we will be posting the videos in approximately 15-30 days. Attendees will be able to access them through the Search Exchange site and for those […]