Let us Build Your PPC Campaigns into a Success

Imagine a form of advertising where you only pay when you get results. This is exactly what pay per click advertising offers. With a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign, you are only charged if someone actually clicks on your ad.

These ads show up n the search engines, typically at the top of the page. By highlighting the right keywords, your PPC ads can be quite beneficial, both for your company and your customers. They ensure that the people who want what you need are able to find it quickly.

The key to making PPC campaigns successful is the proper strategy. Targeting the right keywords that people will use but that are not overly saturated, and incorporating local search terms into the mix, is the way you can be effective with these campaigns.


One of the key features of Pay Per Click advertising is unlimited amount of reporting we can do. From tracking ecommerce referrals to making sure which specific PPC ads is converting best.
One of the distinct advantages of Creative Behavior is our enthusiasm for analytics. We like conducting a/b testing for Adwords ads, for landing pages, and improving Ad groups to improve your Quality Score.  Our experience reduces the amount of time you see improvements through our campaign setup and execution.
When executed correctly, the Display Network can yield powerful conversions and high ROI. Targeting specific sites for your industry is paramount to achieving success.  At Creative Behavior, not only do we create great looking creatives, but we know how and where to integrate them throughout the Google Network of Advertisers.