Creative Behavior LLC is a privately owned and operated by Keith Schilling. With over 15 years of experience, Keith brings a vast amount of knowledge as it relates to digital marketing. From overseeing 1/2 million in paid spend to overseeing SEO for enterprise clients, I can help establish your company as a leader within your market.

Since moving to Charlotte, NC in 2006, Keith established the Digital Marketing Meetup Association of Charlotte. Born out of meetup.com, the group was built around sharing of knowledge among fellow digital marketers and business owners looking to learn the latest strategies in online marketing.

In my spare time, family has always come first and I spend my weekend chasing around two kids, one in the marching band for Weddington High School and the other I spend caddying for on the US Kids Golf Tour.

i pride in making sure each client I work with understands how digital marketing can grow their business and make sure the transfer of knowledge provides a solid trust in the relationship. I take ‘word of mouth’ referrals very seriously and hope that each client I work with can share their success with their industry partners as well.