5 Quick Fixes To Boost Your Search Ranking

  • December 21, 2019
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In addition to targeted campaigns and full-scale digital marketing strategies, marketers must update, fix, and refresh a few of their foundational elements at least once each year. SEO continues to evolve so it is important to implement the organic quick fixes that will boost your website search ranking. Here are some of the most valuable quick fixes.

Create More “People Also Ask” Content

We’ve seen the People Also Ask content for several years now. With mobile and voice activated search on the rise, it’s time to create or add relevant question and response content. Do a bit of industry research before you get started to view some of the most common questions being asked in your industry and area, as well as the People Also Ask results that populate when you type in industry keywords. Consider similar questions as well as questions that fill in any gaps in the search results. Then identify a creative way to format FAQs on relevant web pages, and short answers to link back to your website.

If you already have solid People Also Ask content, take a look at it to consider if there are any updated ways to ask the same or similar questions.

Rework Your FAQ Structure

On that same note, try a new FAQ page structure. Yes, that means mini FAQ sections on pages to generate more People Also Ask content—and a new format for your FAQ page. If you don’t currently have an FAQ webpage, it’s time to add one. And yes, you should include both the questions that you are frequently asked by your clients, and the trending online industry and local area FAQs.

Just be mindful that if your content delivers the full answer in the SERPs, there is less of a need to click through to visit your website. So, be strategic and watch to see how your new FAQ structure impacts page traffic.

Eliminate 301 Redirect Chains

There are a time and place for single 301 redirects but redirect chains can be problematic. They reduce page equity by 15% per redirect, Google has a hard time crawling your site and may not be able to index your page, and numerous redirects can negatively impact site speed—and therefore the user experience.

You may have redirect chains and not be aware of it, especially if you have recently migrated your website. The fastest and easiest way to identify redirect chains is by downloading a redirect plugin.

Refresh The Content On Low Traffic Pages

Every website has at least a few pages that rank lower or generate less traffic. This is great because it leaves much room for opportunity. Here are just a few ways to refresh and improve low-ranking content:

  • Rewrite the content so that it is more engaging
  • Update the keywords
  • Add a mini FAQ section with People Also Ask content
  • Update the graphics, images, or videos
  • Add more graphics, images, or videos
  • Add an easy to read bullet point list
  • Increase the overall word count to at least 1,000 words

While you’re at it, now is also an excellent time to go through each page on your website and make mini edits to the content and keywords. This includes adding new services, deleting services no longer offered, refreshing images, and finding more engaging ways to connect with website visitors.

Once website pages are updated don’t forget to submit them to Google in Search Console to ensure the update is quickly crawled.

Internal Linking Strategies

Inbound linking is a key part of your larger SEO strategy, but we must not forget the importance of internal linking strategies. The goal is not to create internal links for the sake of creating links, but to add value. This article provides guidelines for creating a hierarchical structure, which includes utilizing internal links to:

  • Improve user experience by linking to referenced and relevant pages
  • Create an organized manner for crawlers and search engine bots to follow
  • Balance the page equity between higher and lower ranking pages

Just be mindful that there aren’t too many duplicate links on your website pages, especially not on your home page. And yes, continue to add inbound links to your blog post and external articles—but don’t only link to your Home or Contact Us page.

These quick fixes won’t take a lot of time to implement but they can rapidly improve your organic search results. While you’ll still need to map out targeted campaigns, these foundational elements ensure all bases are covered.

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