Case Studies for SEO and Paid Media

Case Studies for SEO & Paid Media

182% Increase in organic traffic

Jobrapido is one of the global leaders for job search engines with more than 20 million unique job postings every month and more than 80 million registered users. Being present in 58 countries, Jobrapido’s mission is to revolutionize the way people get jobs.

Jobrapido decided to¬†integrate with the job experience¬†on Google Search to attract more motivated applicants: “We know that job seeking is a struggle and as a technology company, it is our duty to improve it the best way we can, with minimum effort for job seekers. Jobrapido has always been one of the first companies to adopt Google’s new services with the goal to constantly improve the user experience”, says Jean-Pierre Rabbath, Jobrapido VP of Product. “In fact, adding the job markup for us was really easy and allowed us to get the best of the job experience on Google Search rather quickly”.

Jobrapido has seen positive metrics and feedback from job seekers on their site across multiple geographies. In all countries, the company’s overall organic traffic grew by 182%, and they have seen a 395% increase in new user registrations from organic traffic since launch of the new job experience on Google Search. Jobrapido also noted a 35% drop in user bounce rate, which means the quality of the end user journey also increased.


Toll Brothers is a luxury home builder that has specialized in building unique semi-custom homes and upscale communities since 1967. With a goal of generating qualified leads at an efficient cost-per-acquisition (CPA), Toll Brothers turned to the Google Display Network to influence consideration at scale. Using in-market audiences and targeting tools like Similar Audiences and keyword contextual targeting, Toll Brothers achieved up to 50% lower CPA and saw CTR on its remarketing ads grow by up to 3x.


Grow quantity and quality of leads

Maintain or decrease CPA


Began using in-market audiences in parallel with remarketing

Targeted segments related to real estate and homes

Used Similar Audiences to find valuable users

Used keyword contextual targeting to build out remarketing lists


Lowered CPA on remarketing campaigns by up to 50%

Grew leads from remarketing

Grew CTR on remarketing ads by up to 3x

In-market audiences grew remarketing list volume