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Let’s explore how content optimization is performed and how your business generates income from having a well optimized website.

Foundation – Technical SEO

The foundation that holds the house together.

  • Web frameworks (the content management system), mobile readiness (design/layout), ease of use for writers, admins, and others.

  • Redirect chains, 404 pages, canonical tags, orphaned pages, and more, all play a part of technical SEO.

Content Strategy

One of the most important components of SEO is having a content strategy.

  • Research and Planning

  • Briefing and Writing

  • Editing and Publishing

  • Optimization and Reporting

Content Distribution

Pivotal to the success of your SEO campaign, content distribution provides users throughout the web a way to learn about your business and engage content that is relevant to their needs.  Content can be distributed and consumed with the following channels:

  • Web – PR Distribution, Blogs, PDF Sharing, Infographics

  • Sharing – Tweets, Mentions, Reposts

  • Advertising – Paid Media, Paid Social, Paid Influencers, Retargeting

content distribution

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is imperative to ranking well.  Once Google crawls and indexes your site, the algorithm is influenced by, but not limited to, the following elements:

  • Title Tags

  • Heading Tags

  • Schema Markup

  • HREF lang tags

on page SEO

Organic Traffic Analysis

As a Certified Google Analytics consultant, we have the ability to analyze data that could easily escape the eye of your typical webmaster.  Understanding conversion analysis, engagement metrics, goal conversions, and integrations with other platforms, such as SalesForce, is just another way our services set us apart from the others. 

traffic analysis
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